I left Paradise for something I thought it would be Hell. Yeah, I wanted to just go to hell! ( 🙂 )

Instead of this, I am stuck between two different worlds, in a ,,thing” called every day life, a wanna be Purgatory.

,,Who has more fun? Sinners or saints?”

This is the dilemma that I have, me and Hamlet, just that instead of that cold skull in my hand I hold nothing more than a pen and some paper, willing to change a certain part of the world this way. How childish is that dream?!

To hold or to let go? To love or to grudge?

Was I a saint, but still, never been more sinful than then? Am I a sinner, but never been more kind and peaceful?

The wanna be purgatory is nothing but this struggling to hold, but still to let go, to find limits. Poor me, I really think I could find something that my personallity rejects entirely and toughly than ever before…