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Solitude is the school of genius”

Aristotle said once that the one who is delighted with the solitude is whether a wild beast or a God.

Far from being a God, I keep the thought of being a wanna be Genius in many aspects of my life.

Yet, I see lately that the domain where I am a deplorable human being is human feeling. I don’t know how, yet I succeed almost constantly to be the victim of the most noble feeling a person could ever be part of, which is Love.

Although I put this word and feeling on a pedestal all my life, somehow I get cheated by my own feelings.

Is it the condition of a genius to be alone in order to reach the supremacy of my feelings?

Not being a God and surely not a wild beast, I wonder how come the solitude awakens the most intense inspiration and the most intense thoughts?!

Overwhelmed in this moment!