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I always disliked the winter holidays. And no, not from a „commercial” point of view (because everyone buys things, because everyone is desperate to get rid if their money) but from a personal and moral point of view. Maybe it’s the cold that creates me this state of spirit, or who knows, maybe it’s because I’ve always been or felt lonely in this period.

I don’t see why this year should be different…except one small thing: that I’ve made my mind regarding plans for the next one. The next year I DON’T WANT to have the same feeling anymore. I decided to change stuff in my…AGAIN! Other stuff than I already did. I decided to become better and stronger. I found a „refuge” and I also found a shelter. More impersonal than some people would thing, but more personal than I ever thought it would be. It’s nothing less and nothing more than this blog, and yes, ladies and gentlemen, I decided to invest in it.

I supressed my writing „talent” (I don’t know if I really have it, but in my childish mind, I do think that) for a period of time.

I decided for the next year to write happier posts, to launch challenges to you, to discuss with my readers. And with this occasion, I’m sorry for not answering your comments (all of you who have written at least once).

Because it’s been a long time since I haven’t given colours to my states of spirit. Today, my soul color is WHITE! (like a blank sheet of paper, waiting to be written).

And yes, some tastes leave also an after taste. When you kiss SOMEONE ELSE be carefull not to feel it too. Even if for you might seem a good taste, he/she might not agree with you, right?  🙂