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Living on the edge of different peaks may be a risky decision, but the sight is one of the most wonderful ever existing. The price that you have to pay for is that on peaks usually there is no place for 2 persons, so sometimes the loneliness may reach you and make you get off. Now, the way you get off it depends on the person: you could choose to get off just the way you got there – for example climbing thoroughly, making efforts, renouncing to things that you like, that you love, making sacrifices (means getting off prudently, analysing your steps, being cautious, counting every step you take)…Or, you could choose the easy way – throwing yourself from the hight. In this last case you may need a parachute (something like 2 strong arms to catch you, or to hold you) or NOT, and there you may survive or not.

I tried both ways: the cautious one and the challenging one (no parachute of course – it seems none was available ever). In the first case I got hurt. In the second case I got hurt too. Strange, right?! I don’t know why, but I have the slight impression that even if I had a parachute at least once, I would still get hurt…matter of gravity, like in Newton’s law 🙂

Nice trip to you all, no matter if going up or down!