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And now I mean, the REAL butterfly effect, the one that you feel in your stomach when you fall in love, and nothing compares to it (like in the Sinead O’Connor long fogotten song)?!

And on the other hand, ‘m talking about „the” butterfly effect, the one that says: Change one thing and it changes everything!

Well, I suppose he’she’s right. Change the tinies thing in your life, and just like in a sand castle, everything wll fall apart and turn around at 180 degrees, not knowing where to start in order to win again your stability.

So, A girl cannot grow up until she looses a Dad or an Archie. Oh, right, I already lost my „Archie”. This means I grew up? or I shall…?

What if you loose more „Archies” than you intended to? Is this part of our daily life or just a simple mystery like many many others until now in my life.

Maybe the next Archie in my life will let me know the answer to this rhetorical question. Until then, HAPPY HUNTING!